Friday, June 19, 2009

Sneak Peek #3

Okay, so I'm putting in two excerpts from this book. One of them will just be the 'normal' writing, and the other will be one of their 'Summaries of Surveillance'. She's a spy, remember?
Here's the normal context, page 224.

The projector clicked, the image changed, and we had two seconds to study the photo that flashed before our eyes.
"Ms. Baxter?" Mr. Solomon asked. "What's wrong here?"
"The umbrella," Bex said. "There's rain on the window and the coat on the hook is damp, but the umbrella is bundled up. Most people leave them open to dry."
"Very good."

That's crazy! She saw the picture for two seconds, but she identified whats wrong. Smartie. hah. So now the next excerpt is part of their 'Summary of Surveillance'. Its, well, you'll get the point.

Summary of Communication
On October 18, during a routine Driver's Ed assignment, The Operatives noticed that the "fill sign" was marked (in other words, the stone was turned) at the designated letter drop, so Agent Morgan faked a stomachache when everyone else was engaged in a Gilmore Girls marathon and went to retrieve the following:

Okay, so if you dad's not Aquaman, is he The Flash?

Translation: Please think I'm funny, because my self esteem is fairly low, and humor may be all I have got going for me. (Translation done by Macey McHenry.)

Okay, so, the Operatives are: Cammie, Bex, Liz, and Macey, the friends. The letter is from Josh, the boy from the carnival, and the stone turned means that he has put a letter there, and turned the stone so she knows. Its hard to explain though....


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