Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rebel Angels (Libba Bray)

Rebel Angels, by Libba Bray, was an amazing sequel to A Great and Terrible Beauty!
Gemma, Ann, and Felicity must find the Temple before Circe does, and it proves a great struggle!
Although I usually give summaries of the books, and I would with Rebel Angels, but it would give too much away! So I'll just tell you about some of my favorite characters and scenes.

I loved many of the characters, most especially Simon. He's so... I can't even think of a fitting word. But he is so witty, and the things he says are so funny. (like the sneak peak). I also love the sirens. Not the evil part of them, but they're so interesting. Azreal is awesome, I loved reading with him in the scene. I love Hester Asa Moore so much, she is so helpful and listens to the girls!

Nell Hawkins, though often disturbing, is very... cool. Even though she is mentally ill, she serves very useful to Gemma.

One part of the book I really like is when Gemma finds the Temple and goes through the waterfall. Its so descriptive and amazing to picture in your head.
I wish Simon was in the book more though, but I still loved it! I'm sorry I couldn't write more, but I want you all to read it and be surprised! I'll start reading The Sweet Far Thing (the third one) straight-away!

Story: 5
Characters: 5
Plot: 5
Cover: 5


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