Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ink Exchange (Melissa Marr)

Ink Exchange, by Melissa Marr, was a wonderful sequel to Wicked Lovely! Unlike it's prequel, which is mainly about the Summer and Winter courts, Ink Exchange is about the Dark Court. Irial, the Dark King, has an ink exchange with Aislinn's mortal friend Leslie. She gets a tattoo that ties her to the king of the Dark Court. He uses her to feed on the emotions of other mortals, which makes his court stronger. Thats all I can really tell you about the story though.

Oh and I love Seth!!!!! He is by far my favorite character! He cares so much about Aislinn, and I often feel bad fore him. Seth 4ever!

One thing I really loved about this book was how Melissa describes all the emotions. The wisps of them, the faint traces, I love it all.
I can't wait to start reading Fragile Eternity!!!!!!!

Overall Rating: 5
Plot: 5
Writing: 5
Characters: 5
Cover: 5


  1. Thanks for the book review. I've never read any kind of book like that, but I'm intrigued by it. Maybe I'll have to read one sometime.

  2. Its really good. I completely forgot to start the last one, I've been so busy! I better start soon =D

  3. Nice review! I just started reading this one and i have to say I love it! :)