Sunday, May 17, 2009

You Are So Undead to Me (Stacey Jay)

You Are So Undead to Me, by Stacey Jay, is about Megan Berry, a zombie settler. When people are buried, if they have any unsolved problems, they rise from they grave and find a settler, usually their age, to help them. That's what Megan is, by birth. Zombies come to her house to find her at night, and she gets the information needed to help them settle, then sends them back to their grave. Other than her family and other settlers, no one knows that Megan is one, in fact, most people don't know that zombies exist. Not even her best friend Jess, or her crush, Josh. When people find out that that Megan is going to homecoming with Josh, some sends a Reanimated Corpse after him. An RC (reanimated corpse) is a zombie that is raised by Black Magic, or evil spells, meant to harm or kill someone. They are usually fatal. When someone sends a Reanimated Corpse out to kill Josh, Megan doesn't think anything of it. Then, she decides to go to the homecoming with her settler tutor, Ethan. Someone sends a R.C. after him! Even when no one believes her, she must find out what's going on, and who's sending R.C.'s after all her homecoming dates! As she battles perverted zombies, clones, and obnoxious seniors, Megan Berry's story is made hilarious by the talented Stacey Jay.  Although this book has a few slow parts, I definitely recommend it. You won't stop being surprised by Stacey Jay's clever thoughts!
Hope you enjoyed this review!


Writing: 5
Characters: 4
Plot: 4
Cover Picture: 3

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