Sunday, May 17, 2009

Generation Dead (by Daniel Waters)

Generation Dead, by Daniel Waters, is a phenomenal book that's sweeping the nation. Some, but not all American teens have begun rising from their graves (but they usually rise sooner than they get there). They are trying to live in a society that doesn't except them. Like living students, some zombies (or the politically correct terms "living impaired" or "differently biotic") are smarter than others. Most of the undead move and speak at a very slow rate, but some, such as Karen DeSonne and Tommy Williams speak and move as quickly as the living. Some of the living (breathers) think zombies deserve to be treated as normal citizens, while most others believe they are a sign of the apocalypse, and need to be 'killed'. 
Phoebe Kendall, a gothic teen, falls for the 'head of the zombies' at Oakvale High, Tommy Williams. As Phoebe and Tommy become closer and closer, Phoebe's other best friend Adam, star of the football team, who is in love with her, becomes jealous. It is obvious to everyone, except Phoebe, that Adams loves her. What will Adam do?
As each character changes, for the better, or for worse, you see how they really are, as they deal with America's bioism. Some stand strong, while others cave under the pressure. See what happens with Phoebe, Adam, Tommy, Margi, Colette, and This book is to die for, excuse the pun.

A must read book. Get it before it's gone! Check out Dan Water's blog:


Writing: 5
Characters: 5
Plot: 5
Cover Picture: 5

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