Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Looking For Alaska (John Green)

SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT! I usually never spoil, but I can't do the review without spoiling. I'll write spoiler alert before I spoil, so if you don't want to have this awful book spoiled, you don't have too.

Looking For Alaska, by John Greene.... sucked. No offense to all you lovers of this book, but in my opinion, it was awful. His writing was... uncensored. Now, I don't have a problem with that at all. ZERO problems. BUT this was a book i chose to read for school... my literature teacher does have problems. :P We had to find a quote, and all of the good ones had 'words that were inappropriate for school'. >:( But before I get way into the review, here's my quote. "Sometimes you lose a battle, but mischeif always wins the war." Its a great quote, I know. If only the book was that stunning...

okay, So the setting of this book is at a boarding school, Culver Creek, to be exact. The main character, Miles Halter, nick named and hereafter refered to as Pudge, goes to Culver Creek, the school where his father went. Hoping to start fresh, and have some friends for once, he moves from Florida, to Alabama. He meets his roommate, the Colonel. No clue why that's his nickname, but for some odd reason, it is! Then he meets Alaska Young, a funny, rebellious, self destructive chick. She was my favorite character.
Now, before I continue, I must explain. This book is separated into before and after. for example, instead of chapters, it says '184 days before', then maybe '178 days before' and so on. Then, after the AFTER, it says, '1 day after' and then '4 days after'. So yeh...

Pudge falls in love with Alaska. His friend Takumi (or something) and the Colonel are both friends with her too... bla bla bla.

SPOILER ALERT: do not go on if u don't want the what happened to know about.
Alaska dies. Yep. She does! the "135 days before" yeh well it was 135 days before Alaska died. John Green never even tells you if it was suicide or not. Yes, there were suspicions, but no one even knew for sure.

Now, if I had liked this book and wanted you to read it, I wouldn't of spoiled. But I really disliked this book. i haven't disliked a book so much in a long time. So... I definitely don't recommend it.

Plot: 1
Writing: 2
Characters: 4




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  1. Did it really suck that much? I was gonna read it but maybe not. Lol. But I usually like books that no body else likes. I don't know. I'll just read and find out. :)